Edisto Baptist Association
Monday, October 14, 2019
Reaching America & the World through Missions

Departments & Officers



Rev. Johnny C. Muller, Sr.
Association Missionary/Director of Missions

January-December 2019
General Officers                                      Departments of Work______
Rev. Bill Watkins
Rev. Dr. Jared Pemper
Vice Moderator  
Mr. Jon Smith                         
Mrs. Tina Salley
Assistant Clerk-Treasurer
Mr. Larry Poole
Disaster Relief Director
Dr. Debbie Bass
Discipleship Director
Rev. Dr. Jared Pemper
Evangelism Director
Mr. Bob Salley, Sr.
Men's Ministry Director
Mrs. Margaret Ann Barr
Music Director
Rev. Dr. John O'Cain
Prayer Coordinator
Mrs. Julie Gartman
Sunday School Director
Mrs. Mandy Fulmer
Vacation Bible School Director
Mrs. Megan Kinard
Women's Ministry Director
Mrs. Jan Hegler
Women´s Missionary Union Director 
Rev. Adam Hensley    
Rev. Ross Smith
Youth Directors
Rev. Timmy Barr
Rev. Dr. John B. Willis
Baptist Courier
Mr. Bill Cole
Baptist Foundation
Dr. Debbie Bass
Christian Education and
Campus Ministry
Mrs. Rita W. Brown
Office of Public Policy
Mrs. Nell T. Able
Connie Maxwell Children's Home
Dr. John Bass
Guidestone Financial Services
Mrs. Sarah Hott
Ministry to the Aging
Dr. Debbie Bass
Newsletter Editor/Website Manager
Rev. Dr. Bill Paulling
Mrs. Frances Yon
Prison Ministries
Rev. Dr. Bill Paulling
SCBC Executive Board Member