Section 2


1.     Meeting. The Messengers shall meet annually on the fourth Sunday in October at a place designated at the previous annual meeting.


2.   Each church shall send to the Association Clerk a full report of its year’s activities, not later than the second week of October. This report shall be on annual church profile forms provided by the Convention.


3.    The Moderator shall appoint the following committees: Nominating Committee; Time, Place and Preacher Committee; and any other committees as needed. These committees shall function from the close of the Annual Meeting.


4a. The Nominating Committee shall present to the Association for approval, recommendations for Association officers and representatives and members of the standing committees.

As a service to member churches of the Association, when ordinance to the Southern Baptist gospel is requested by a church, the Association will provide a Presbytery or Ordaining Council. An Approved questionnaire can be provided by the Association.


4b. The standing committees, consisting of five (5) rotating members each, shall include Budget Committee; Constitutional/Resolution Committee; and Evangelism/Missions Committee. Rotation shall be achieved by the two (2) longest serving members rotating off, provided every third year only one shall rotate off. Other standing committees may be added when approved by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Association at the Annual Meeting.

5.     The Clerk shall enroll the names of the messengers, keeping the proceedings of the Association, and prepare a fair copy of the minutes and compiled annual church profiles for the press. He shall be paid an amount as set in the budget for his services.


6.     The Treasurer shall take charge of all moneys and special offerings belonging to the Association, and dispose of them as the Association  shall direct. He shall at each session of the Association, and at each quarterly executive committee session, present a written report of the state of his office.


The business of the Association shall be opened and closed each day of its session by prayer.