EBA History


Some of “our brethren” agreed in 1834 to form a new association.  Consequently, a convention met at Rocky Springs in March 1835 and agreed to meet at Tabernacle in the fall to organize this new Association.  It is thought that 15 churches were represented at Tabernacle to organize the Edisto Baptist Association.

The following churches were represented:  Walter Pond, Rocky Grove, Tabernacle, Levels, Dean Swamp, Hollow Creek, Phillipi, Talatha, Darien, Mt. Beulah, Convent, Mt. Ebal, Rocky Springs, Boiling Springs, and Good Spring.  Rev. John Galloway preached the Introductory Sermon and Brother C. Howell preached the Charity Sermon.  The churches accomplished the following at the first meeting:

  • Formed the Edisto Baptist Association.
  • Elected Rev. John Galloway moderator; A.H. Fort, clerk; and             J.G. Wilkerson, treasurer.
  • Adopted the Constitution.
  • Received a collection of $62.62.

The minutes from the 51st annual session stated that Brother Howell was “uneducated, could scarcely read his Bible, yet God wonderfully blessed his ministry.”

Nineteen churches comprise the Edisto Baptist Association.  The Association has met annually for 186 years.

Source:  EBA Annual Report